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Commander of landing craft killed in Ukrainian attack on Black Sea Fleet’s base in Crimea

Denis Nikitin was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage

KRASNODAR, November 23. /TASS/. Senior midshipman Denis Nikitin, who commanded a landing craft of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, was killed in Crimea in a Ukrainian naval kamikaze drone attack on the fleet’s base.

"The hero city of Novorossiysk bade farewell to Denis Nikitin, a senior midshipman and a Cossack of the "Nevsky" local society, who died doing his duty in the special military operation," the official website of the Black Sea Cossack Host reported.

Nikitin died trying to save a vessel under his command when the Ukrainian forces attacked the Black Sea Fleet’s base in a coastal village in Crimea with naval kamikaze drones. The late midshipman was the commander of the Project 11770 "Serna" landing craft.

Denis Nikitin was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage. The farewell ceremony took place at the House of Officers of the Novorossiysk garrison and he was laid to rest at the Alley of Glory of the municipal cemetery in Novorossiysk. Nikitin was married and had two daughters.