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US private military company Mozart to change name

Andy Milburn did not disclose the new name of the company

NEW YORK, February 1. /TASS/. The Mozart Group, a private military company that trains Ukrainian soldiers, among other things, will change its name, its chief Andy Milburn said on Instagram (banned in Russia as it’s owned by Meta Corporation, which is designated as extremist in Russia) on Tuesday.

"Today was the last day for The Mozart Group. The fact that the name and entity became a subject of litigation was just too much of a distraction from our core mission: Training Ukrainian soldiers and taking civilians out of harm’s way," he said. "The mission and the people continue … under a new name."

Le Monde reported in summer that Mozart was training Ukrainian soldiers near the engagement line in Donbass. The training covered 2,500 servicemen over four months, Milburn told the newspaper at the time.

The French magazine Causeur reported in its August edition that the Pentagon deployed a large number of private soldiers and contractors to Ukraine. According to the report, mercenaries are everywhere on the battlefield, while US private businesses provides Kiev with control and communications systems.