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No shortage of information on mobilization, all information resources work — Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov called to perceive information soberly and objectively and not to fall for provocations regarding the mobilization

MOSCOW, September 23. /TASS/. All information resources in Russia have been activated in order to inform the citizens about the partial mobilization, there is no shortage of information, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Friday.

"One could somehow understand the hysterical, extremely emotional reaction in the first hours after the announcement [of the partial mobilization], in the first day even, because, indeed, there was a certain shortage of information, which is also understandable and justifiable. But, since yesterday, all information hotlines and bureaus have been activated in accordance with the government’s decision," Peskov said.

"The Ministry of Defense regularly answers all questions, all phone lines are working, citizens contact it, ask [their questions], the media publish Defense Ministry answers, statements of military commissars. There is no shortage of commentaries now, we’ve provided people with options to ask questions," the spokesman added.

He called to perceive information soberly and objectively and not to fall for provocations regarding the mobilization.

"There is, of course, certain provocative [information], a huge number of fake reports in the social media. One must treat all that soberly, objectively and thoughtfully, without falling for these provocative attempts," Peskov explained.

On September 21, President Vladimir Putin declared a partial mobilization in Russia. Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu explained that 300,000 reservists will be drafted, who will undergo training before being sent to the special military operation area. The draft will not involve students and conscripts; only citizens who served in the military and have a military specialization will be drafted. The Minister underscored that the mobilization is being carried out first and foremost for control over the territories liberated during the special military operation.