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Medvedev predicts anti-Russian sanctions mess will lead to collapse of ‘US-centric world’

According to the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, many spheres of life will be affected

MOSCOW, May 13. /TASS/. Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev foresees a number of crises and conflicts as a result of the anti-Russian sanctions and the failed concept of a "US-centric world."

On Friday, the former president took to his Telegram channel to write about the repercussions of the sanctions against Russia, which he believes will stoke energy, logistics and food quagmires, and trigger other global crises.

"As a result, a new security architecture will be created which will recognize the new reality first de facto and then also de jure: a) the weakness of the Westernized concepts of international relations along the lines of the "rules-based order" and other meaningless Western junk; b) the collapse of the idea of a US-centric world; c) the presence of interests respected by the global community of those countries that are in a critical stage of disagreement with the Western world," he wrote.

In his post entitled "Friday the 13th. What will happen next or the world after anti-Russian sanctions (not a forecast at all)," the Security Council’s deputy chairman delves into detail about possible scenarios involving global crises. In particular, he noted that such restrictions would lead to a crash of numerous global supply chains of goods. A major logistics crisis is possible, including the collapse of foreign airlines which are banned from flying over Russia, he wrote.

"The energy crisis will intensify in those states that introduced the ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ sanctions against the deliveries of Russian energy products, a further price hike on fossil fuels will continue, and the digital economy’s development worldwide will slow down," he specified. "A full-blown international food crisis will begin with the possibility of starvation in some countries," Medvedev added.

He predicted that the restrictive measures would also damage the global financial system which may trigger a monetary and financial crisis in some countries or their blocs due to the stability of a number of national currencies being undermined, rampant inflation and the breakdown of the legal system protecting private property.

According to the politician, many spheres of life will be affected. "New regional military conflicts will emerge in those places where the situation has not been resolved peacefully for years or where the substantial interests of major international players are ignored. Terrorists will become active who think that the Western authorities are currently diverted by the showdown with Russia," he wrote.

Medvedev also did not rule out the possibility of new epidemics caused by the rejection of honest international cooperation in the sanitary and epidemiological field or directly through the use of biological weapons.

Speaking of the sanctions’ repercussions on international cooperation, he forecasted that international institutions that failed to prove their effectiveness in settling the Ukraine crisis will crumble. As an example, he cited the Council of Europe. "New international alliances of countries will be formed based on pragmatic criteria and not on ideological Anglo-Saxon ones," the politician concluded.