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US now wants to accomplish its ‘anti-Russia’ project, says Lavrov

US, Britain hindering summit of five UN Security Council permanent members, Russia’s top diplomat said

MOSCOW, May 1. /TASS/. Moscow sees that the United States intends now to accomplish its ‘anti-Russia’ project, Russia’s top diplomat Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the Italian TV company Mediaset.

"We also see that the US currently wants to accomplish its ‘anti-Russia’ project as Russian President Vladimir Putin put it. Such statements as ‘Russia should be defeated’, ‘we should beat Russia’, ‘Ukraine should win’, ‘Russia should lose’ are now heard," the foreign minister said.

Speaking about the US’ role in the current situation in Ukraine, he noted: "I have read much in the American and European press on what connects the family of [US President] Joe Biden with Ukraine, which is why this attention from his side to the current situation is no surprise. But apart from personal interest, I do not rule out that the issue here is about Washington’s realizing that its long-term long-lasting strategy to turn Ukraine into a real threat to Russia, make sure that Ukraine and Russia will never be together and have good relations has failed.".

Washington and London are hindering the holding of the summit of the five UN Security Council permanent members so far, Lavrov said.

"This January a similar agreement was reached at the top level by five UN Security Council permanent members at our initiative: no winners may be in a nuclear war. It should never be started. The proposal of [Russian] President Vladimir Putin to convene a summit of the five UN Security Council permanent members is also aimed at reaching this goal. It has been supported by our Chinese colleagues, France. The US and Britain that obeys it in everything, are hindering the holding of this important event so far," the minister explained.