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Putin says US attempt to use force against Iran to cause catastrophe

It would trigger violence and, possibly, an increase in the number of refugees from the region, the president said

MOSCOW, June 20. /TASS/. Should the United States try to use force against Iran, a catastrophe will follow, because the effects of a military solution are very hard to gauge, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the annual question-and-answer session on Thursday.

"This [the use of US military force against Iran] would be a catastrophe at least for the region, because it would trigger violence and, possibly, an increase in the number of refugees from the region," Putin said. "For those who might make such attempts the consequences would be very sad, too, because it is very hard to foresee what the use of military force might entail."

"Iran is a Shiite country. Even the Islamic world believes that they are people capable of going to extremes if they have to protect themselves and their country," Putin said. "What these extremes will evolve into is anyone’s guess. It is hard to tell whom they will affect. It is very undesirable to see the events follow this scenario."

Earlier, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said Washington was considering all options of resistance to Iran in the region, including a military one. He made it quite clear that the US administration would not ask the legislators for permission to carry out possible military operations against Teheran. His main argument was the protection of US interests.

On Wednesday, the US Department of Defense said it was sending extra air defense systems Patriot, drones and reconnaissance planes to the Middle East. The Pentagon said that would be done in accordance with the decision to dispatch 1,000 US troops to the region in connection with the situation around Iran.