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Talk of Russian cyber threat demonstrates London’s ‘reckless’ policy — embassy

LONDON, April 17. /TASS/. Allegations in the UK concerning the Russian cyber threat are an example of London’s "reckless" and "provocative" policy toward Russia, the Russian embassy in London has said.

"We consider these accusations and speculations as striking examples of a reckless, provocative and unfounded policy against Russia," the embassy said in a statement on Monday. "We are disappointed by the fact that such serious claims have been made publicly, without any proof being presented and without any attempt by the United Kingdom to clarify the situation with the Russian side in the first place."

"Given that in recent days the British media, instigated by official statements, has again started to exploit the issue of "cyberthreats from Russia", impression grows that the British public is being prepared for a massive cyber attack by the UK against Russia," the statement continues. "The British Government did not deny the numerous statements by MPs, experts and media regarding a possible "deployment" of "offensive cyber capabilities" by the United Kingdom against Russia."

"Russia is not planning to conduct any cyber attacks against the United Kingdom. We expect the British Government to declare the same," the embassy said.

Commenting on London and Washington’s accusations of cyber attacks by Russian hackers on government offices, companies and critical infrastructure facilities worldwide, a UK Government spokesperson earlier accused Russia of cyber espionage and violations of the international law.