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FACTBOX: What we know now about Bryansk school shooting

One of the injured is in serious condition, while four others are in stable condition, Deputy Health Minister Alexey Kuznetsov said

TASS, December 7. On Thursday morning, an eighth-grader brought a weapon to her school in Bryansk and opened fire. As a result, five people were injured, one of whom has died. The shooter committed suicide, turning the gun on herself, police said.

TASS has gathered all key facts about the incident.

Circumstances of the incident

- At 9:15 a.m. (6:15 a.m. GMT), the dispatcher's office in Bryansk received a report about an incident at Gymnasium No. 5 in the city’s Bezhitsky District.

- An eighth-grade girl brought a weapon into the school building and fired several shots.

- The Bekas-3 smoothbore hunting rifle from which the girl shot belongs to her father, who owns the weapon legally, Russian State Duma member Alexander Khinshtein said.

Fatalities and casualties

- As a result of the school shooting, five people were injured and taken to the hospital.

- One of the wounded has died. The girl shooter committed suicide.

- One of the injured is in serious condition, while four others are in stable condition, Deputy Health Minister Alexey Kuznetsov said. One of the injured is already undergoing surgery, he added.

- One child in serious condition was wounded in the shoulder and knee and is in intensive care. The rest of the victims were also hospitalized with gunshot wounds, the receiving hospitals told TASS.

Potential causes of the incident

- A conflict between the shooter and her classmates is considered to be the most likely cause of the shooting, law enforcement agencies told TASS.

- The girl will undergo a postmortem psychological and psychiatric examination.

Authorities’ reaction

- Police officers and first responders from emergency services are working at the scene.

- The Russian Investigative Committee opened a murder case stemming from the shooting under Part 2, Article 105 of the Russian Criminal Code ("Murder").

- The father of the girl who went on a shooting rampage was brought in by investigators for questioning.

- Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko is personally supervising the provision of medical care to the victims.

- A review of the operations of the security service contracted to guard the school will be carried out, Khinshtein said.

- Students, teachers and parents will be provided with psychological assistance in connection with the shooting at the school, the Russian Education Ministry reported. A relevant task force has been assembled and dispatched to the scene, where it is already at work.

- The Bryansk Region authorities will provide assistance to the families of the deceased and the injured, Governor Alexander Bogomaz said. He also expressed his condolences to all the victims and their families in connection with the incident.