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Hainan becoming leader in promoting EVs in China — media

A network of more than 116,000 charging stations for electric cars is already operating on the island, the China Daily newspaper said citing a BloombergNEF report

HAIKOU /China/, March 4. /TASS/. The southern Chinese province of Hainan may become the driving force and example for the country's full transition to electric cars, the China Daily newspaper wrote with reference to a BloombergNEF report.

The paper’s authors analyzed Hainan’s green car market and the development of relevant technologies. The document states that the island has a functional network of more than 116 thousand charging stations for electric cars, which makes it possible for motorists in cities to find charging facilities within a radius of 1 to 2 km.

This network of charging stations is a strategic initiative of the provincial government, which aims to completely shift away from the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030 and bring the share of electric and hybrid vehicles in the local market to 45%. Data from the report shows that Hainan leads in China in electric vehicle sales as well.

As BloombergNEF analyst Siyi Mi notes, Hainan is the first and only region in China to have such an ambitious goal. The success of this initiative could potentially serve as an example for the entire country's transition to an all-electric vehicle industry in the future, the expert believes.