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Vucic to seek Putin's assistance in helping Serbia with energy crisis

Alexandar Vucic pointed out that nobody could handle the prices which were now on the stock exchange

BRDO PRI KRANJU /Slovenia/, October 6. /TASS/. Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic will address Russian President Vladimir Putin for help with the energy crisis.

"[I will address] my personal message to Putin, in which I will ask him to help us so as we get the largest possible percentage of the oil formula and the lowest possible percentage of the exchange formula. Those prices which are now on the stock exchange, nobody can handle," Vucic said.

On Tuesday, Vucic noted that the energy crisis in Europe stems from the fact that European countries did not sign long-term contracts with Russia. He stressed that Serbia’s decision to build the Balkan Stream pipeline (an extension of TurkStream) was "very smart" because it provided the country with natural gas at an affordable price.

Gazprom Board Chairman Alexei Miller said earlier that the lag in gas injections into European underground storage facilities and the growing demand for gas have led to record prices, the value of which may rise even higher in the near future.