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Tatneft Board to discuss market strategy in oil and gas chemical industry on August 26

Russia’s first maleic anhydride plant to be built in 2021, the company reported

KAZAN, August 19. /TASS/. The Board of Directors of Tatneft will discuss the new market strategy of refining and gas processing with consideration of the growing volume and quantity of new products as a result of Taneco Refinery expansion on August 26. Information about it was posted on the data disclosure website.

Tatneft plans to roll out the first stage of an oil and gas chemical complex (OGCC) construction, with Russia’s first maleic anhydride plant to be built within its framework in 2021, the oil producer told TASS earlier.

Planned production capacity of maleic anhydride will be 50,000 tonnes per year plus 25,000 tonnes per year of its derivatives. Such products are not produced in Russia so far. Maleic anhydride and its derivatives are used in making glass plastics and in the construction industry.

The first stage of the complex development also provides for the production of polypropylene with the annual output of 247,000 tonnes per year, acrylonitrile with the output of 55,000 tonnes per year, and carbon fiber with the output of 10,000 tonnes per year. The second stage provides for the construction of an ethylene plant and development of polyethylene, plastics and polystyrene clusters.