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Russia’s export of naval hardware may go up to $40 bln by 2025

There are all reasons to expect that share of naval technologies in Russia's export structure will be growing, the presidential aid for military-technical cooperation said

MOSCOW, September 12. /TASS/. Russia’s export of naval hardware in 2017-2015 may reach $40 billion, Russian presidential aide for military-technical cooperation, Vladimir Kozhin, has told TASS in an interview.

"Currently we have the full range of naval technologies on offer: submarines, frigates, patrol ships, speed boats and mine sweepers. There are all reasons to expect that share of naval technologies in our export structure will be growing. According to our estimates, in 2017-2025 Russia’s export of naval hardware may be up to $40 billion," Kozhin said.

He explained that for the time being naval technologies came second after aircraft, ground systems and air defense weapons.

"This concerns the annual amounts and the effective contracts. I believe that this trend will be changing because the prospects of marketing these armaments are very good," Kozhin said.

Practically any littoral country needs its own effective naval force, he believes.

"Some countries’ existing fleets require upgrading. Without a naval force it is impossible to protect the maritime border well enough or fight against piracy and poaching. Many countries have realized that protecting their offshore areas is entirely their own business. Naturally, there is great interest in naval technologies around the world and it will keep growing. We are holding many talks with various countries. Some are our traditional partners, for instance, India and China. Also, there are Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, a number of African countries and so on and so forth," Kozhin said.

Kozhin said that some countries would like to purchase Russia’s military equipment right away but could not do so due to financial constraints.

"We are discussing and analyzing various payment mechanisms," he added.