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Russia’s Battlegroup West repels five attacks on Kupyansk direction

The representative of the combat group, Sergey Zybinsky, clarified that the Ukrainian forces had lost up to one company of infantry, three servicemen were captured

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. Russia’s Battlegroup West repelled five Ukrainian attacks on the Kupyansk direction, battlegroup spokesman Sergey Zybinsky told TASS.

"[The battlegroup], support by artillery fire, repelled four counterattacks of the 60th Mechanized and the 57 Motorized brigade assault groups near the Liman lake. The counterattacks were repelled, the enemy fell back southward. In addition, assault groups of the 43rd Mechanized brigade attacked our positions on the Ivanovka-Yagodnoe direction in the 1st Tank Army defense strip. The attack was repelled during a skirmish with artillery support, the enemy fell back westward," Zybinsky said.

He specified that the Ukrainian forces lost up to one company of infantry, with three servicemen captured. In addition, the Ukrainian forces lost a T-64 tank, a BMP-2 armored vehicle, an M112 armored personnel carrier and an M119 howitzer.