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Russian Armed Forces thwarted four attacks in Kupyansk area – Russian Defense Ministry

According to the department, this happened in the areas of the settlements of Sinkovka and Ivanovka, Kharkov region

MOSCOW, November 26. /TASS/. The Russian military repelled four Ukrainian army attacks in the Kupyansk area in the Kharkov Region, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"Units of the Battlegroup West, supported by aviation, artillery fire and heavy flame-throwing systems, thwarted in the Kupyansk area during proactive actions four attacks of assault teams of the 57th mechanized infantry and 43rd mechanized brigades of the enemy in areas of Sinkovka and Ivanovka settlements of the Kharkov Region," the ministry informed.

Russian servicemen also hit the Ukrainian brigade in the Kherson Area, with up to 55 Ukrainian servicemen and four vehicles lost by the enemy, the ministry added.