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Five civilians wounded in artillery shelling on Slavyansk by Ukrainian troops

The town is having problems with mobile communications

SLAVYANSK, June 01, /ITAR-TASS/. Five civilians were wounded as the Ukrainian military opened artillery fire at town of Slavyansk in Ukraine’s southeastern Donetsk regions, a representative of Slavyansk’s voluntary corps told Itar-Tass on Sunday.

According to the representative, fire was opened at the enterprises Stroimash and Slavtyazhmash. Apart from that, the town is having problems with mobile communications. There are problems with the internet in some of the town’s districts.

On Saturday, according to the voluntary corps representative, patients were evacuated from Slavyansk’s central clinic.

“They were taken to a district hospital in Nikolayevka some 18 kilometress off Slavyansk,” he said. “But some of the clinic’s personnel remained in Slavyansk, since wounded people are taken here every day.”

On Saturday, the town and its suburb Semyonovka came under fire.