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Total of 74 hostages already released from Gaza Strip during pause — Israeli PM

Among them are 50 women and children

TEL AVIV, November 28. /TASS/. A total of 74 hostages have been released during the humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip, including 50 women and children, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

"So far, we have released 74 abductees, including 50 children and women, according to the original scheme. We are obliged to implement the plan in full to get our abducted women and children released and then later, everyone else, without exception," the prime minister's office cited him as saying. He was visiting the Glilot Junction military base.

Netanyahu emphasized that Israel was not abandoning its intention to resume, after the pause, its military operation in the Gaza Strip to destroy the military, command and control capabilities of the Palestinian radical Hamas movement. "We are determined to fulfill our objectives: to release all those abducted and to eliminate this terrorist organization on the ground and underground. Of course, Gaza will no longer be what it was and will no longer pose a threat to the State of Israel," he pointed out.