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NATO to stock up on battle-decisive ammunition — statement

NATO members also declared their determination to continue building up their military capabilities

VILNIUS, July 11. /TASS/. NATO countries have made a decision to significantly increase the amount of certain types of battle-decisive ammunition in their arsenals, says the final communique of the NATO summit in Vilnius, published on Tuesday.

"We have also decided to significantly increase our stockpiles of certain battle-decisive munitions," the document says.

NATO members also declared their determination to continue boosting their military potential.

"Our robust military capabilities are critical for NATO’s deterrence and defense. We continue to invest more in advanced and interoperable capabilities across all domains, placing particular emphasis on combat capable, predominantly heavy, high-end forces and capabilities. These will reflect the requirements of NATO’s defense plans and other tasks," the document says.

According to the communique, this will enable NATO to maintain its technological advantage.