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Azerbaijan and Armenia agree to a ceasefire, Trend reports

BAKU, September 13. /TASS/. Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed to a ceasefire in areas along their border, Trend reported on Tuesday, citing sources.

"The sides agreed to a ceasefire from 09:00 am local time (08:00 am Moscow time) after a response by the Azerbaijani armed forces. Armenia has already violated the agreement though, but the ceasefire has been in place since 09:15 am local time (08:15 am Moscow time)," the Azerbaijani news agency said.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry last night reported that the Armenian armed forces had conducted large-scale sabotage on the border between the two countries by mining areas located between positions where Azerbaijani army units are deployed and supply routes. A clash followed emergency measures by the Azerbaijani military to immediately thwart the sabotage, the Defense Ministry said. According to Azerbaijan, response measures have been taken to resolutely prevent the armed conflict from expanding.