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Russian ship allegedly carrying Ukrainian grain anchored near Turkey’s Karasu

According to the service’s map Marine Traffic, the ship is anchored at a small distance east of the port

ANKARA, July 3. /TASS/. Russia’s cargo ship Zhibek Zholy allegedly carrying Ukrainian grain reached the Turkish port of Karasu on July 1 and is still staying near it, according to the data from Marine Traffic, a monitoring service, as of 17:30 Moscow time on Sunday.

According to the service’s map, the ship is anchored at a small distance east of the port.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar said earlier on Sunday that a Russian-flagged cargo ship carrying Ukrainian grain had been detained at Kiev’s request by the Turkish customs authorities. He said that the ship’s fate would be decided at a meeting of investigators on July 4.

Meanwhile, a Turkish customs officer in the port of Karasu neither confirmed nor refuted Kiev’s allegations about the detention of the Russian ship.

According to the Dogan News Agency, the Russian Zhibek Zholy cargo ship delivered grain to the port of Karasu to be further transported to Konya in central Turkey by trucks.