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Four people died during violent protests in Washington DC

At least 14 law enforcers sustained injuries during the protests and two of them were hospitalized

WASHINGTON, January 7. /TASS/. Authorities of Washington DC confirmed four deaths during violent protests on Wednesday near the US Congress building, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Robert Contee told a news conference.

He confirmed that a woman died in a hospital after she was shot inside the Congress building and added that three more people also died during the protests suffering "separate medical emergencies."

Contee also said that at least 14 law enforcers sustained injuries during the protests and two of them were hospitalized.

Protesters supporting current President Donald Trump stormed on Wednesday the US Congress building in Washington DC and disrupted the work of lawmakers, who met to certify the results of the November presidential election for President-elect Joe Biden.

Some protesters managed to get inside of the Congress and all lawmakers were evacuated. During the attack a female protester sustained a gun wound and later died in a hospital.

US media outlets reported that Pentagon had ordered to deploy up to 1,800 US National Guard troops in Washington DC in the wake of mass protests.

The US Senate reconvened on Wednesday night following the violent rioting in Washington DC earlier that day.

On December 14, the US Electoral College convened and confirmed Biden’s election victory. The Democrat received 306 votes, while incumbent President Donald Trump secured 232 votes. With 538 electors, a candidate needs to get 270 votes to be elected to the office of President of the United States.