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Russian businessman Prigozin blacklisted by EU for violating Libya sanctions

The entrepreneur was banned entry to the EU and his financial assets in Europe were frozen
Evgeniy Prigozhin Mikhail Mettsel/TASS
Evgeniy Prigozhin
© Mikhail Mettsel/TASS

BRUSSELS, October 15. /TASS/. Russian businessman Evgeniy Prigozhin was added to the EU’s updated blacklist on Libya for undermining the country’s security and violating sanctions against it, the Council of the European Union said in its regulation published in the Official Journal on Thursday.

According to the document, the Russian businessman allegedly had "close links, including financially, to the private military company Wagner Group."

"In this way, Prigozhin is engaged in and providing support for Wagner Group’s activities in Libya, which threaten the country’s peace, stability and security. In particular, Wagner Group is involved in multiple and repeated breaches of the arms embargo in Libya established in UNSCR," the statement reads.

Prigozhin was banned entry to the EU and his financial assets in Europe were frozen.

Concord company led by the businessmen earlier denied Prigozhin’s links to Wagner Group. The company’s press service said on its page in VK social network that Prigozhin had no relation to this private military company and did not sponsor it.