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Trump says he has nothing to hide about meetings with Putin

"I’m not keeping anything under wraps," he said
US President Donald Trump AP Photo/Evan Vucci
US President Donald Trump
© AP Photo/Evan Vucci

NEW YORK, January 13. /TASS/. In an interview with Fox News, US President Donald Trump said he had never tried to conceal anything about his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The statement came in response to the recent Washington Post article, which says that the US leader has gone to what it described as "extraordinary lengths" to keep the details of those meetings secret. The paper cited current and former US administration officials as saying that in one of such instances, Trump confiscated his interpreter’s notes and prohibited him from discussing the details with other officials in his administration.

Commenting on the report, the US president said: "I’m not keeping anything under wraps."

"We had a great conversation. We were talking about Israel and securing Israel and lots of other things," he went on, adding that his one-on-one meetings with Putin were just the same as with any other leader.

Trump also reiterated that he had been tougher to Russia than any of his predecessors.