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Almost fifth of Russians under constant stress, poll reveals

Residents of megacities experience stress much more often

MOSCOW, April 15. /TASS/. Around 19% of Russians live with ongoing stress, while nine out of ten citizens (90%) encounter stress here and there, according to a poll from the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) published on the organization's website.

"In total, nine in ten of our fellow citizens (90%) experience stress at various times, about the same as five years ago (2019 - 91%) and slightly lower than 14 years ago (96%). Meanwhile, the share of those who experience stress on a regular basis (constantly and frequently) has returned to the level of 2010: today, every fifth person falls into this category (19%, 2010 - 18%)," the report says.

According to the study, this high-stress cohort is similar across genders and age groups, as men and women (17% and 20% respectively), young people aged 18-24 and seniors over 60 (20% and 15% respectively) all reporting about the same level of stress. In addition, residents of megacities experience stress much more often ("constantly and often" - 25% vs. 18% in rural areas).

The poll indicates that situational stress predominates among Russians. In an April VCIOM survey, about a third of respondents noted that they encounter stress rarely or sometimes (34% and 37% respectively), 13% - often, while 6% actually live in constant stress.

The survey also shed light on how Russians deal with stress. To calm their nerves, respondents most often turn to physical activity, household chores, socializing with loved ones, changing activities and sedatives.

The All-Russian Sputnik telephone survey was conducted on April 6, 2024. The method of the survey was a telephone interview by stratified random sampling. The poll covered 1,600 Russians aged 18 and older. The data is weighted by socio-demographic parameters. The margin of error does not exceed 2.5% with a probability of 95%.