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Poll reveals level of Russian public’s confidence in Putin

81.1% of respondents answered positively

MOSCOW, October 7. /TASS/. The proportion of Russian citizens' confidence in President Vladimir Putin increased by 1.1% over the past week and stands at 81.1%, according to the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center that published the results of a survey conducted from September 26 to October 2 among 1,600 respondents aged over 18.

"When asked about trust in Putin, 81.1% of respondents answered positively (+1.1% over the week), the approval rate of the Russian president's work was 76.9% (+0.9% over the week)," the pollsters noted.

Positive assessment figures for the Prime Minister and the Russian government stood at 51.8% (-0.2%) and 51.9% (+0.4%), respectively," the report stressed. Mikhail Mishustin was trusted by 63.7% of respondents (+1.6% over the week).

Those surveyed also expressed their confidence in the heads of various parliamentary factions. Russia’s Communist Party (CPRF) leader Gennady Zyuganov was trusted by 32.7% of respondents (-0.7%), Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia - For Truth, received 33.9% (+2.1%), the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) Leonid Slutsky got 19.4% (+1.7%), and the leader of The New People party Alexey Nechaev procured 10.7% (+0.6%).

The poll also revealed that the level of support for the United Russia party stood at 41.6% (+0.7% over the week), with the CPRF supported by 10% (-1%). The LDPR got 8.6% (+0.5%), A Just Russia - For Truth was supported by 5.6% (-0.2%), and The New People party’s figures came to 4.1% (-0.1%).