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Financial watchdog lists Navalny Headquarters as extremist organization

The court will hold hearings on the merits on May 17

MOSCOW, April 30. /TASS/. Russia’s financial watchdog Rosfinmonitoring has put the Navalny Headquarters on the list of organizations involved in terrorist and extremist activities, as follows from information uploaded to the agency’s website.

The organization was added to the corresponding list on April 30.

The Moscow City Court on Thursday held a discussion on the prosecutor’s request for declaring the Anti-Corruption Foundation FBK (recognized as a foreign agent NGO), the Citizens Rights Protection Foundation (FZPG, recognized as a foreign agent NGO), and Navalny Headquarters as extremist organizations. The court will hold hearings on the merits on May 17.

The Prosecutor General’s Office argues that these organizations are setting conditions for destabilizing the socio-political situation, and that their goal is to orchestrate pretexts for changing the foundation of the constitutional order, namely by using a "color revolution" scenario.

Also, the Prosecutor General’s Office believes that these structures are acting in Russia as proxies of foreign international organizations whose activity has been found undesirable.

The Citizens Rights Protection Foundation (FZGP) was created as a non-governmental organization in May 2019 by supporters of blogger Alexey Navalny. The FBK was listed as a foreign agent NGO in October 2019 and the FZPG, in December 2020.