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Creating a nest egg: a third of Russians put money away during pandemic, poll reveals

The best way to save money is considered the classic bank deposit by 30% of Russians

MOSCOW, November 20. / TASS /. A third of Russians during the coronavirus pandemic decided to start saving money, another 15% of Russian residents began to invest money, according to the study made available to TASS on Friday by Otkritie Bank.

Among those who started saving up in the pandemic, most of all are residents of the Far Eastern (38%) and Volga (37%) federal districts, the least of all - in the Southern Federal District (29%). Another 35% of respondents have not yet saved, but the pandemic made them think about it, and the largest share of those are in Siberia - 43%.

Only 7% firmly stated that they have never saved money and are not going to do so, according to the survey data. At the same time, 35% of those surveyed, among those who save money, have a specific savings goal. Thus, 29% of Russians save money for a rainy day: most of all - in Moscow and the Moscow Region (39%), least of all - in the North-West (23%) and the North Caucasus (24%). At the same time, 23% of Russians spend their savings on ordinary household needs, and 7% of respondents invest deferred money in investments. Only 4% of respondents do not intend to spend the money that they put away at all, since they want to leave it to their children.

Savings preferences

The best way to save money is considered the classic bank deposit by 30% of Russians. The highest share of fans of deposits is in the Moscow region (41%), the lowest is in the Volga and Far Eastern federal districts (27% each). At the same time, the respondents believe that the most profitable instrument for savings and investments is investment in real estate. This is the opinion of 43% of the respondents: this point of view is most popular in the Southern and Volga Federal Districts (48% each), the least popular in Moscow (32%) and in the Urals (33%). Also, 25% of Russians prefer to convert their savings into foreign currency, and 24% bet on investing in the securities market, buying stocks and bonds.

At the same time, 19% of respondents preferred saving cash and keeping it at home: this method of saving is the most popular in the Far East (25%), the least - in Siberia (15%) and the Moscow region (16%). However, 17% consider the best way to make their saving work for them is to invest in their own business, and another 6% of Russians are ready to invest their savings in crypto currency, for example, in bitcoin. The survey was conducted by Otkritie Bank between November 9 to 17, among 1,000 Russians aged 18-65 in cities with a population of more than 100,000 people.