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FSB to show jailed journalist Ivan Safronov materials he purportedly handed over to Prague

Previously, the defendant was denied explanation of the charges, according to the lawyer

MOSCOW, September 15. /TASS/. Federal Security Service (FSB) investigator Alexander Chaban promised to show Ivan Safronov, a Roscosmos advisor charged with treason, the materials which he allegedly handed over to Czech intelligence, Safronov’s lawyer Ivan Pavlov told TASS Tuesday.

"Investigator Chaban told the defense that he satisfied Safronov’s appeal, in which the latter asked [the investigation] to question him, after showing him the materials, which he, according to the investigation, handed over to Czech intelligence. Thus, we expect that the investigation will finally show us the information, which Safronov has been accused of handing over, after which our client will be able to testify," the lawyer said.

The lawyer underscored that he has not yet received a written confirmation from the investigator and proceeds from his oral statement. The defense also received no notification of further investigative actions.

"Previously, the investigator refused to explain the charges to the defense, so we decided to try a different tack and asked the investigation to show us the information that Safronov allegedly handed over. Therefore, we would be able to find out, what he is actually being charged with," the lawyer said.

Safronov was taken into custody on July 7, on treason charges. However, he maintains that he is not guilty. According to the FSB, Safronov was recruited by Czech intelligence in 2012 and completed his mission in 2017, which allegedly involved collecting and transferring information on Russia’s military and technical cooperation with African nations, as well as the Russian Armed Forces’ activities in the Middle East that year. According to the investigation, the US was the final recipient of this information. The FSB investigator said previously that the case is not tied to Safronov’s journalism career. Prior to joining Roscosmos, Safronov had worked for two of Russia’s leading newspapers - Kommersant and Vedomosti.