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Russian scientists forecasts lower temperatures, more ice along Northern Sea Route

It is noted that ice conditions are not changing as unambiguously as expected

MOSCOW, October 18. /TASS/. Lower air temperatures and bigger amounts of ice are forecasted in the Arctic in coming years, the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute's Director Alexander Makarov told reporters.

"According to certain estimations, before 2050, ice in the Arctic will remain - 100%," he said. "Moreover, the forecasts say we are entering a stage of certain chilling, which is related to the 70-year chilling-warming cycle."

"In fact, within a few years, the situation along the Northern Sea Route will change rather substantially," he added.

Ice conditions are not changing as unambiguously as expected, he continued, there is no linear decrease in ice.

"For all of us, for transport companies, ship owners exclusively important is the presence of ice in summer periods and the duration of summer periods. Right, the amount of ice has decreased, but yet, this year, in the end of August we forecasted more ice in the Chukchi Sea - to maximum levels over recent 20 years," the scientist added.