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Russia’s top investigator has no doubt Kiev deliberately hits civilian targets in Belgorod

Both attacks caused civilian casualties, including among children

MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. The Ukrainian military on December 30 and earlier this month deliberately attacked civilian facilities in Belgorod in order to kill civilians, as the West expects Ukraine to cause more civilian deaths, Russian Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin told TASS in an interview.

Russia’s top investigator described both attacks as targeted, as he said that "we have no doubt that the Ukrainian military has been deliberately striking civilian targets."

In addition, both attacks caused civilian casualties, including among children. "There were no military facilities in those locations. Western patrons seem to expect more victims from Nazi Ukrainians, including among civilians," Bastrykin underscored.

The Ukrainian armed forces fired two rockets armed with cluster munitions and Czech-made multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) at downtown Belgorod on December 30. According to the latest data, the attack killed 25 people, including five children, and left over 100 wounded. Additionally, dozens of residential buildings and civilian facilities were damaged. Another massive Ukrainian attack on Belgorod on February 15 left seven people killed and 19 others injured.