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Lavrov expects NATO to break down trying to spread ‘tentacles’ worldwide

The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry called this organization “a relic of the past”

MOSCOW, November 6. /TASS/. NATO will break down trying to spread its "tentacles" across the world, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

"We used to say in the [Soviet] times that NATO is spreading its tentacles across the globe. Sadly, I think that it will break down because no one can impose their hegemony on otters in such a blatant and persistent manner. The times have changed," he pointed out, addressing the Znanie (Knowledge) marathon at the International RUSSIA EXPO.

In response to a question about NATO’s future, Lavrov said that the alliance was "a relic of the past." "NATO should not have continued to exist after the reason for its creation had disappeared. I’m talking primarily about the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact," the top Russian diplomat noted.

According to Lavrov, even after the Soviet Union collapsed, NATO continued to pursue a policy aimed at dragging more countries into the bloc amid rising tensions between Russia and the West.