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Borderline Belgorod Region records about 90 incoming Ukrainian strikes in 24 hours

The village of Glotovo in the Grayvoronsky District was shelled from a mortar with five incoming strikes recorded

BELGOROD, September 19. /TASS/. Ukrainian troops have fired about 90 rounds of various munitions at towns and villages in the borderline Belgorod Region over 24 hours, regional Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on his Telegram channel.

"In the Shebekinsky Municipal District, an air defense system took down three air targets approaching the city of Shebekino. There are no casualties. Windows were shattered in one private residence, the electric power supply was disrupted in some parts of the city. The emergency services will soon restore the power supply," Gladkov wrote.

On Monday, Ukrainian troops fired 15 mortar and three tank shells at the village of Sereda, eight and six mortar shells at the villages of Novaya Tavolzhanka and Belyanka, respectively, three mortar shells and five grenades at the Shebekino border checkpoint and five mortar shells at the Pankov farmstead.

The village of Glotovo in the Grayvoronsky District was shelled from a mortar with five incoming strikes recorded. As a result of the shelling attack, an electric power transmission line was damaged. "By now, the electric power transmission line has been restored. Ten and two mortar shells were fired at the outskirts of the villages of Zarechye-Vtoroe and Spodaryushino, respectively," the governor said.

On Monday, Ukrainian troops fired five artillery shells each at the villages of Nekhoteyevka and Zhuravlyovka, ten at the village of Shchetinovka and two artillery shells at the village of Naumovka in the Belgorodsky District. In Naumovka, the adversary also attacked with kamikaze drones twice with both of them detonating. In the Borisovsky district, six rounds of munitions were dropped from a quadcopter on the outskirts of the Lozovaya Rudka farmstead.

In the Valuysky District, a fixed-wing drone was taken down over the village of Karabanovo. In the Volokonovsky District, the outskirts of the Stary farmstead were shelled with three strikes recorded. A fixed-wing drone crashed and blew up in a field near the village of Kositsino in the Novooskolsky Municipal District.