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Russia, Mozambique tied by strong relations of friendship, cooperation — Putin

Russia values Mozambique’s intent for further strengthening of cooperation, the Russian leader noted

MOSCOW, July 27. /TASS/. Russia is happy about Mozambique’s intent to further strengthen cooperation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the meeting with his counterpart from Mozambique Filipe Nyusi.

"Russia and Mozambique are bound by strong ties of friendship and cooperation that were established back during the Mozambican people’s fight for independence," the head of state noted.

"We value and share your spirit, dear Mr. President, for further strengthening multifaceted ties between our countries and people," he told Nyusi.

Multifaceted relations

Putin pointed out that Russia and Mozambique engage in an active political dialogue, and stay in contact via various agencies. He noted that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited the country earlier in May, and Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev visited it in July.

"Our lawmakers cooperate intensively as well," Putin noted.

He also pointed out that "friendship groups" have been established within the parliaments of both counties, and noted that inter-party ties have been established between the United Russia Party and the Liberation Front of Mozambique (FRELIMO), chaired by Nyusi.

Economic cooperation

The Russian leader pointed to good trends in economic cooperation.

"In 2022, the trade volume between our countries grew by 14.5%; the positive dynamics continued between January and April this year, with growth of 35%," he said.

There are also good cooperation prospects in gas extraction, geological surveying, electric power, agriculture and fishing, Putin noted.

According to the president, the intergovernmental commission on economic and scientific and technological cooperation works on strengthening the economic ties between Russia and Mozambique. In addition, the countries are working on expanding the legal basis for bilateral cooperation.

"Documents on intellectual property, geology, fishing and innovations are scheduled to be signed on the sidelines of this summit," Putin added.


The Russian president pointed out that Russia continues to aid Mozambique in training highly qualified personnel at Russian universities.

"Overall, about 3,000 Mozambican people received higher education in the USSR and Russia," he said, citing statistics. Meanwhile, starting in 2020, the education quota for Mozambican people has been increased more than twofold.

"In the 2023-2024 educational year, it will stand at 75 scholarships," he specified.

On work in international organizations

Putin also noted that Russia values constructive cooperation with Mozambique on the international stage, which includes Mozambique’s support for Russia’s initiatives in the UN, among other things.

The Russian leader also pointed out that Mozambique is a non-permanent UN Security Council member in 2023-2024.

"We expect further coordination of our actions in the Security Council, efficient cooperation in solving important global and regional problems," he said, adding that foreign ministries already hold consultations on this issue.