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West supports neo-Nazism while professing democracy — Russian Security Council

It is noted the Western countries use neo-Nazism for their geopolitical aims

MOSCOW, August 23. /TASS/. A number of Western countries use the neo-Nazi ideology for their geopolitical aims while professing the promotion of democracy, the secretary of Russia’s Security Council, Nikolay Patrushev, said at a meeting with Serbia’s visiting Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin in Moscow on Tuesday.

According to the Security Council’s press-service, Patrushev voiced concern over the revival of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist ideas in Europe.

"Whereas in the 20th century the West preferred not to notice the rise of fascism, in the 21st century a number of Western countries directly support neo-Nazism, using it for their geopolitical aims. At the same time, they present their actions as ‘promotion of democracy’," Patrushev said.