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Russian embassy refutes report on suspending Sudan naval base deal

The Russian Embassy in Khartoum has not received any notifications from the Sudanese side
Khartoum city view Alexander Chumichev/TASS
Khartoum city view
© Alexander Chumichev/TASS

MOSCOW, April 29. /TASS/. The reports on a suspended agreement between Sudan and Russia on creating a naval base in the African republic have nothing to do with reality, the Russian Embassy in Sudan said on its Facebook page on Thursday.

"In connection with the reports that have emerged in the regional and Sudanese media space about the alleged suspension of the implementation of the Agreement between Russia and the Republic of Sudan on the creation of a logistics center for the Russian Navy on the territory of the Republic of Sudan, the Embassy emphasizes that these statements do not correspond to reality, whatever the so-called sources say. The Russian Embassy in Khartoum has not received any notifications from the Sudanese side," the statement says.

On Wednesday, Al Arabiya TV reported citing its sources that Sudan had suspended the effect of its agreement signed with Russia to build a naval base in the country. According to the channel, the agreement "signed by Moscow with the previous regime" is suspended "until it is approved by the legislature." Khartoum has already notified Moscow.

The news broke out in early December 2020 that Russia and Sudan had struck the agreement to build a naval logistical support and maintenance facility in the African country. The naval logistics base is designed for carrying out repairs, replenishing supplies and for the crewmembers of Russian naval ships to have a rest. Sudan will hand over to Russia for free for the entire period of the agreement’s duration the territory and the real estate that comprises the coastal zone and the water area with the mooring front (the berths for the floating craft). The military and civilian personnel should not exceed 300 people and may be increased upon agreement with Sudan, the document stipulates.

The agreement will be in effect for 25 years with automatic extension for 10 years, if neither party notifies the other party in writing through diplomatic channels no less than twelve months before the expiry of the relevant period about its intention to terminate it.