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Electrical substation feeding Kherson Region’s power grid damaged by Ukrainian fire

This led to power outages, the local electric company said

GENICHESK, November 28. /TASS/. The Kakhovka electrical substation, which plays a key role in the Kherson Region’s power grid, was damaged by deliberate Ukrainian shelling on Tuesday, causing disruptions in electricity supplies, the local electrical company said.

"The Kiev troops shelled the 330kV substation, which is key to the region's power supply. It was shelled yesterday, too, but today they managed to knock it out of operation," the Khersonoblenergo power supply company said.

Damage assessment is impossible at this point, because Ukraine continues to shell the facility.

According to Khersonoblenergo, the power supply issues will be fixed within 24 hours.

Earlier, a group of workers engaged in post-cyclone repairs came under Ukrainian fire in the Kherson Region.

The cyclone that rocked Russia’s Black Sea coast at night and in the morning of November 27 was marked by hurricane winds and massive flooding. The affected regions include the republics of Crimea and Dagestan, the Krasnodar and Rostov regions, the people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, and the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. At least four people were killed and several dozens injured. The weather event damaged homes, caused power outages and traffic problems.