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Moscow Region governor confirms interception of two drones, no injuries

The shockwave shattered windows in an apartment block and damaged cars, Andrey Vorobyev wrote

MOSCOW, August 22. /TASS/. Russian air defense forces intercepted two drones in the Moscow Region on Tuesday, no casualties occurred, Moscow Region Governor Andrey Vorobyev wrote on Telegram.

"Earlier today, two drones were intercepted by air defenses on the territory of the Moscow Region," he said, adding that the incidents occurred near the settlement of Chastsy west of Moscow and near Krasnogorsk, a satellite city adjacent to the northwestern boundary of the Russian capital.

"The emergencies services are focused on the second incident," the governor continued. "The shockwave shattered windows in an apartment block and damaged cars. There were no injuries among residents, and no fire followed."

Vorobyev added that the head of Krasnogorsk is now inspecting apartments in the affected building together with staffers of the Russian emergencies ministry and other services.

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday the Kiev government had sent four drones to attack targets on the territory of Russia. Two drones, which were detected by air defense facilities on duty and suppressed by electronic warfare systems, crashed over the territory of the Bryansk Region in west Russia. The other two were spotted and destroyed above the territory of the Moscow Region.