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Inflation in Russia down to 0.1 over week — statistics

Inflation stood at 8.16% in annual terms as at May 27, 2024

MOSCOW, May 29. /TASS/. Inflation in Russia slowed down from 0.11% a week earlier to 0.1% from May 21 to 27, 2024, the Russian federal statistical service (Rosstat) said.

Consumer prices in the country ticked up by 0.48% from early May and by 2.95% year to date.

Inflation stood at 8.16% in annual terms as at May 27, 2024.

In the food segment, prices gained 9.9% for potatoes, 6.1% for onions, 4.1% for carrots, 3.3% for beet, 2.2% for apples, 0.5% for bananas, cooked sausages, canned fruits and berries for infants, 0.4% for chicken meat, sausages, frankfurters, butter, margarine and rye bread, 0.3% for pork, wheat bread, vermicelli, granulated sugar and black tea, and 0.2% for beef, half-smoked and cooked smoked sausages, sterilized milk, and vodka.

Prices at the same time declined by 8.1% for cucumbers, 7.9% for tomatoes, 1.9% for chicken eggs, 0.7% for canned meat and 0.7% for canned vegetables for infants.

In the essential goods segment, prices edged up by 0.4% for toilet paper soap and 0.2% for detergents. Prices lost 0.2% for toilet soap.

Among the other nonfoods, the rise in prices was 1.2% for edged boards, 1% for chipboards and oriented stranded boards, and 0.5% for shampoos. Prices lost 0.5% for TV sets and 0.3% for smartphones.

Gasoline and diesel fuel prices hiked by 0.1% respectively.