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Russian, Belarusian economies to be integrated to common currency, says Medvedev

However, it is necessary to normalize the situation inside Belarus first, Medvedev said

GORKI, February 1. /TASS/. Integration within the framework of the Union State is mutually beneficial, though it is necessary to normalize the situation inside Belarus first, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev told Russian mass media in an interview.

"As far as integration processes are concerned, I still assume that our common position is that integration is mutually beneficial. We should integrate more closely and unlock the whole potential of the Union State, including the elements of bringing the potential of our economies closer, integrating them that it is based on, which are all types of issues, up to common currency," he said.

Meanwhile, Medvedev added that "now the situation there [in Belarus - TASS] is slightly different, it is necessary for them to normalize the overall situation inside the country." "However, I am confident that the integration movement should go ahead as there is no alternative," he noted.

"The Belarusian economy is fully geared towards the Russian economy, [Belarus] supplies much of its goods here [to Russia]," Deputy Chairman of the Security Council said, adding that "this is why it is in the interests of the two countries to closely integrate the economies, take the most important regulation decisions."