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Dystopia of gloom and doom ahead? Putin warns world heading in wrong direction

The Russian leader believes that the soaring international contradictions are fraught with a struggle of all against all

MOSCOW, January 27. /TASS/. Crises and contradictions in the world are fraught with the risk of destruction of traditional values and basic freedoms as well as the loss of whole "continents" of culture and civilization, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday in a video address during the Davos Agenda Week.

The Russian leader believes that amid soaring international contradictions "there is a risk of facing a breakdown in world development, fraught with a struggle of all against all, attempts at resolving contradictions through the search for internal and external enemies and the collapse of not only such traditional values as the family, which is very much appreciated in Russia, but the basic freedoms, including the right of choice and inviolability of private life."

Putin warned that the "social and moral crisis has already brought about negative demographic phenomena, which may cause humanity to lose whole civilizational and cultural continents."

"It is our common responsibility today to prevent such prospects, looking like a gloom dystopia, and to ensure development along a different, positive, harmonious and creative path," Putin said.