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Russia capable of becoming a global leader in artificial intelligence - Putin

The president thanked those who had contributed to the national strategy of artificial intelligence development

MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. Russia should become one of the global leaders in the artificial intelligence sector, as the country’s growth in a wide range of sectors, including its defense, depends on that, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the AI Journey conference in Moscow on Saturday.

"We should and, I am convinced, we are able to become one of the global leaders in the artificial intelligence field, as it is a question of our future, of Russia’s place in the world," Putin said, noting the advantage of Russian education in maths, physics and other sciences, "as well as in the humanitarian field."

"Comfortable and safe cities, accessible and high-quality healthcare, education, cutting-edge logistics and a reliable transport system, space and ocean exploration, and finally the country’s defense capabilities… The development of all these sectors largely depends on our success in artificial intelligence both now and in the near future," the Russian leader stressed.

According to Putin, the rejection of changes might cause depreciation of the country’s capacity.

"No matter how powerful it is today, tomorrow it could swiftly become outdated and could even equal zero," he added.

The president thanked those who had contributed to the national strategy of artificial intelligence development.

"Now it is important to act as quickly as possible, joining efforts of the state, professional community and business, to translate plans into concrete solutions, innovations, and competitive and popular products," Putin said pointing out that federal agencies, state-owned corporations and companies would take on key responsibilities in this field.

"I believe their ability to provide and strengthen the country’s technological solvency is the most important criterion of their efficiency," the president said.

A huge potential

Putin said that application of artificial intelligence technology has a huge potential, noting that it "will make it possible to get rid of inertia and clumsiness of the bureaucratic machine, to increase dramatically the transparency and efficiency of administrative procedures."

According to the president, it is extremely important for the stability of society, "since only then will people see what and how the authorities do and what they are guided by in decision-making. The AI's capabilities should be aimed at solving the problems of an individual in order to "change the quality and image of the entire system of state governing."

"It is the most important condition so as to solve those major challenging tasks our country faces," concluded the head of state.

Russian President also noted, that the artificial intelligence is playing an important role in the technology race among the countries but this invention will hardly be the last one in the history of mankind.

Artificial intelligence is "a resource of great force," the President said. The one having it in possession will forge into the lead and obtain tremendous competitive advantages, Putin noted.

"No wonder it is said that the technology race already started across the globe will be the most tough and uncompromising in the history of our civilization. Some people even say that the mankind is creating its last invention. I do not know whether it is so," Putin said with a touch of irony. "Probably, the last one will generally never take place, although it appears there are reasons to think in such way also," he added.