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Russian heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser to leave repair dock in 2020

The work aboard the ship is proceeding in accordance with the schedule, according to Sevmash CEO Mikhail Budnichenko

SEVERODVINSK /Arkhangelsk Region/, December 20. /TASS/. The Sevmash Shipyard will roll out the Project 11442M heavy nuclear-powered missile-carrying cruiser Admiral Nakhimov from the repair dock in 2020, Sevmash CEO Mikhail Budnichenko told TASS on Friday.

"Work will be fulfilled on the Project 11442M ship in 2020 in order to move it away from the dock," the chief executive said.

The next stage will involve the ship’s further construction at the Shipyard’s quay and its preparations for sea trials, he said.

"The work aboard the ship is proceeding in accordance with the schedule. After its upgrade, the ship will be outfitted with long-range precision weapons and powerful anti-submarine warfare armament," the chief executive added.

In September, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said that the cruiser was 50% ready and was set to be delivered to the Navy in 2022. After its repairs and upgrade, the ship will get the Fort-M and Pantsyr-M air defense systems and the powerful Paket-NK and Otvet anti-submarine warfare armament, he said.

The heavy nuclear-powered missile-carrying cruiser Admiral Nakhimov was laid down on May 17, 1983. The cruiser was initially named the Kalinin. The warship was put afloat on April 25, 1986 and made operational in Russia’s Northern Fleet on December 30, 1988. The nuclear-powered cruiser was renamed into the Admiral Nakhimov on April 22, 1992.

The Admiral Nakhimov has been in the repair dock of the Sevmash Shipyard since 1999. Actual work on the cruiser’s repair and heavy upgrade began in 2013. After the repair and upgrade are over, the warship will get Kalibr-NK and Oniks cruise missiles and eventually Tsirkon hypersonic weapons.