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Russian frogmen win Depth competition at International Army Games in Iran

The Russian Navy’s team has come on top of the competition as followed by China, the runner-up, and Iran, the event's host

MOSCOW, August 12. /TASS/. The Russian Navy’s team has won the Depth multi-discipline diving competition at the 2019 International Army Games in Iran, the Games’ press office told TASS on Monday.

"The board of referees has summed up the scores gained for fulfilling the competition’s exercises. The Russian Navy’s diving team has scored a convincing victory in the Depth contest, with 7,415.04 out of 8,000 possible points," the statement reads.

The Chinese team won the second place with 4,922.09 points followed by the frogmen from the Iranian Navy (4,754.88 points).

The Russian Navy’s team has set two absolute records at the Depth competition in the "Wielding, Cutting" exercise during underwater technical works. In addition, the Russian frogmen have set their personal record in the exercise "Rescue on Water and First Medical Aid Provision."

The Depth competition kicked off in the Persian Gulf on July 4. Military divers from Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and South Africa competed in the exercises "Weight Scale," "Closed Space Underwater Operations,’" "Disabled Submarine Survival," "Surface Ship Assistance," "Flange," "Wielding and Cutting" and "Rescue on Water and First Medical Aid Provision."

Iran has been hosting the naval divers’ contest on its territory for the second time.

The 2019 International Army Games are running on August 3-17 and include 32 competitions on the territory of 10 states: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Iran, India, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan. The International Army Games will bring together over 200 teams comprising more than 6,000 personnel from 30 countries, according to the organizers’ data.