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Russia’s Far East braces for three powerful cyclones

The citizens have been requested to delay their trips and not to use private vehicles

VLADIVOSTOK, November 10. /TASS/. Three powerful cyclones are expected to hit Russia’s Far Eastern Primorsky region soon, bringing severe precipitation, and all utilities services are on alert, the local administration said on Thursday citing the regional commission for preventing and eliminating emergencies situations.

The meteorologists say the first two cyclones will batter the region already on Friday. One of them is expected to strike its western borders and have an impact on the weather in the northern areas. The second cyclone will go through the north of the Korean Peninsula reaching the northwest of the Sea of Japan. It will mostly affect the region’s southern areas.

"The most intense precipitation is expected in the northwestern areas," the press service quoted chief of the regional meteorological center Boris Kubay as saying. The third cyclone will approach the Primorsky region on November 14 from China. The region will be hit by rains and snow.

The authorities are already preparing to eliminate the possible consequences of the disaster. All utilities services have been put on high alert. More than 34,000 tonnes of special chemicals and 324 vehicles will be used to clean the roads.

The citizens have been requested to delay their trips and not to use private vehicles.

A week ago a severe cyclone struck the Primorsky region bringing snowfalls and wind gusts of up to 23 meters per second. Bus traffic between Vladivostok and settlements in the southern and eastern areas was suspended for almost a day. Nearly 300 road accidents occurred during two days of snowfalls.