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Wood biofuel supplies to Denmark can be up to 10% in 2021 — Russian trade representative

Irina Negrebetskaya expects that supplies will also continue growing in 2022

MOSCOW, July 7. /TASS/. Wood biofuel deliveries from Russia to Denmark will be about 7-10% as compared to the last year, when Denmark imported 420,600 tonnes of pellets and 55,600 tonnes of fuel briquettes, Russian trade representative in Denmark Irina Negrebetskaya told TASS on Wednesday.

"420,600 tonnes of pellets and 55,600 tonnes of fuel briquettes were supplied to Denmark [from Russia] as of 2020 year-end. We expect supplies will grow in each area by 7-10% as of 2021 year-end. Supplies will most probably continue growing in 2022 also; the volume of imported pellets and briquettes can increase by 5-7% as compared to the 2021 level," she said.

The coronavirus pandemic resulted in the consumption decline for all energy sources and the record-warm winter of 2019-2020 adversely affected the market situation, Negrebetskaya said. Huge biofuel inventories were formed in Denmark as a result and import needs declined significantly.

"Nevertheless, as the national economy recovers, and considering that Danish authorities keep their course to the transition to renewable energy sources, it can be assumed that wood biofuel consumption volume will start growing again as early as from 2021 year-end," she added.

The Danish market remains the largest consumer of the Russian biofuel and national manufacturers of wood pellets and briquettes are increasing their share of the Danish market, pressuring Baltic States, the US and Canada, the trade representative said.