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Top lawmaker chides Russia-related resolution proposed in US Congress as undemocratic

Andrey Klimov noted that the resolution also had nothing to do with human rights and the rule of law

MOSCOW, November 29. /TASS/. US attempts to meddle in Russia’s internal affairs by adopting resolutions on the new Constitution or the future president aren’t manifestations of a true democracy, Andrey Klimov, who heads the upper house of parliament’s commission that works to protect Russia’s sovereignty, said on Monday.

"American Congress members are already at work these November days on a scandalous resolution about how to stop the new edition of the Russian Constitution and who should be elected president in 2024,’’ said Klimov, who is chairman of the Federation Council's Ad Hoc Commission on Protecting State Sovereignty and Preventing Interference in the Domestic Affairs of the Russian Federation. ‘’These plans don’t have and cannot have anything to do with true democracy, human rights and the rule of law.’’

‘’They run exactly counter to international law, including the UN charter,’’ he went on to say at a meeting of the commission that’s taking place ahead of the US-sponsored Summit for Democracy.

Klimov suggested that the summit, which is planned for December, will give the floor to "outright Russia-haters" including those backed by the US.