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Russia to enhance security measures amid NATO’s assertive actions, Kremlin vows

Dmitry Peskov says that Russia makes statements and steps of a preventive nature every day,

MOSCOW, November 12. /TASS/. NATO’s assertive actions near the Russian border are compelling Moscow to take additional security measures, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday.

"If necessary, we will take measures to ensure our security if there are provocative actions by our opponents near our borders,’’ he vowed. "I’m referring to NATO and NATO forces that are taking rather active and assertive actions in close proximity to our borders, be it in the air, on water, or on land.’’

"We should stay alert,’’ Peskov went on to say. "We should safeguard [our security], and hedge any risks. And that’s what we are doing.’’

Peskov commented on US media reports that Russia allegedly plans to invade Ukraine, saying they weren’t the first publications and the first statements by the US that it’s concerned about Russian troops moving around Russia’s territory.

"We have repeatedly said to this that the movements of our armed forces on our soil shouldn’t be of anyone’s concern. Russia poses no threat to anyone," he said. "These headlines are nothing more than empty and unsubstantiated fomenting of tensions."

The Kremlin spokesman said the West is stepping up its provocative actions to create tension with Russia.

"You are seeing the situation in the Black Sea, the active aerial recon activity by NATO aircraft, the recon aircraft, including those of the US,’’ he said. ‘All of this cannot leave us indifferent.’’

"They aren’t our friends,’’ Peskov went on to say. ‘’These aircraft belong to those who state as their key purpose deterring and countering Russia. Those that call Russia an enemy."

Russia makes statements and steps of a preventive nature every day, he said.