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More than 200 km of roads in New York closed due to snow storm

New York State authorities take urgent action to evacuate the drivers of the blocked vehicles and recommend them not to leave their cars even if they run out of petrol
More than 200 km of roads in New York closed due to snow storm
© Reuters/TASS

NEW YORK, November 19. /TASS/. Heavy snowfalls continuing in northern states of the USA have virtually paralyzed the traffic in the city of Buffalo and led to closure of 200 km of the main New York highway. A local police representative said the police on snowmobiles now have to deliver blankets and warm clothes to people stranded in cars. There is more than 1,5 meters of snow on some roads.

The state’s authorities take urgent measures to evacuate the drivers and call on them to stay in their cars even if they’re run out of petrol. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the rescuers to find people in a night snow storm. According to the police, about 140 vehicles need to be freed from the snow, and the number is continually growing.

Though New York residents are used to snowfalls, they say they can’t remember such a snow storm in the middle of November, CNN reported.

Ed Kennedy, the police captain of the state, said many of his colleagues chose snowmobiles and off-roadsters to help the people in difficult situations and to deliver necessary goods to them.

In ten counties, the situation has worsened because of snow drifts so much that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the state of emergency.  Not only the road service, buy the National Guard reserves are also involved in clearing of highways.