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Chessboxing lessons open Lomonosov Fest in Arkhangelsk

The session was conducted by Marat Shakhmatov - a playwright and a director from Dagestan, who also promotes this sport, which is a combination of boxing as a power sport and chess as an intellectual sport

ARKHANGELSK, May 14. /TASS/. The Lomonosov Fest. Art. Science. Technologies theater festival, uniting science and art, opened in Arkhangelsk with chessboxing classes, Sergey Samodov, director of the Arkhangelsk Lomonosov Regional Drama Theater (Archdrama), told TASS. In chessboxing a round of chess alternates with a boxing match.

"The program opened early in the morning with a chessboxing training session conducted by Marat Shakhmatov - he is a playwright, a director from Dagestan, who also promotes this sport - that is a combination of boxing as a power sport and chess as an intellectual sport," he said. "To me, it fits very well the multi-genre program of our festival, where we combine arts, sciences and technologies. As for the figure of Lomonosov, he certainly was a multi-scientist."

Performances about AI, scientists and robots

The festival's theatrical program opened with a plastic performance by choreographer Ksenia Mikheeva. The Restless was created by the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater and the ART.lift Company (St. Petersburg). The music for the production was written by Ilya Lagutenko. "The installation continued all night, a very long installation, because laser equipment is used there, among other things," Samodov said. The Restless addresses the problem of artificial intelligence and its coexistence with humans.

During the festival, visitors are invited to The Forest. Expectation one-man show, based on Vladimir Bibikhin's philosophical texts. The Three Whales performance (Moscow) by the Lesnoy Dom Group is based on a study of texts by the famous scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. It will be shown on the same day as the Tsiolkovsky performance by the Yaroslavl Volkov Theater.

Yana Tumina's Theater Laboratory will show The Dzhindzhik dystopia - it tells a story at the coast of a littered ocean. The main character searches for valuables and throws back what he considers useless. One day, he finds a penguin, rescues it and names it Dzhindzhik. Konstantin Kozhevnikov's Storytelling Theater has brought two performances: It's Just Space - about Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and The Iron Bird Kids about Sergey Korolev.

At the Bridge Theater (Perm) will show The Theremin play about the founder of electronic music, a Russian intelligence agent Leon Theremin, with real theremins. The Kirov Region will be represented by a puppet theater and the Hawking. World in Nutshell performance. The Buinsk Drama Theater's Dervish is based on the biography of Tatar's theologian Nurgali Khasanov, who lived at the turn of the 19-20th centuries and was an imam in Buinsk. Daft Punk, robots and the Moon colonization are topics of Alyona Volkova's production "Single (Single on the Moon). The program will end with the Chuvash Opera and Ballet Theater's The Main Question, where one role is played by a robot.

Educational program

The festival will feature 11 educational meetings with theater experts, performers, and the Polytechnic Museum's representatives. The Arkhangelsk Region's 90 specialists working at cultural institutions will take an intensive course in organizing events under the Pushkin Card program.

The festival runs till May 16. The event's organizers are Archdrama and Theatrical Initiatives.