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Ukraine ‘unpleasantly surprised’ with US refusal to impose sanctions against Nord Stream 2

Ukraine also doubts US strong support in wake of President Biden’s recent decisions
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky
© Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP

WASHINGTON, June 7. /TASS/. Ukraine has been ‘unpleasantly surprised’ to learn that the US authorities decided against imposing sanctions against the construction company of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, the Axios website quoted Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as saying.

"I truly thought that when it came to Nord Stream 2, the United States remained the last standing outpost, so to say. We understand that only the US is capable of stopping this construction," Zelensky said.

"I know that we’ve always had bipartisan support in the United States," the Ukrainian president continued. "But I’ve always said, indeed, all the experts and the diplomats have had the same understanding, that Biden knows Ukraine better than any other previous, former President, and therefore he understands all the issues, and, what’s most important, all the security risks. That is why, again, we were very unpleasantly surprised."

The United States did not notify the Ukrainian authorities in advance about its decision, Ukrainian President pointed out.

"Well, to be honest, we were very surprised," the Ukrainian president said. "…I was really surprised a few times. Besides the United States decision, the second surprise was indeed that I learned about it through the press."

"I feel that… well, between strategic partners the relations should be direct," Zelensky added.

Recent decisions made by US President and his administration lower Ukraine’s level of confidence regarding American support, Zelensky noted.

"I would like to point out again that I still believe, even though recently, all those actions that we have just discussed with you… I don’t know… they dampen the confidence, I think, within Ukraine, this confidence in… well, in this unwavering support," he said.