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Russia’s imports from China down amid coronavirus outbreak

The decline has been seen particularly in the supplies of fruits and vegetables

MOSCOW, February 17. /TASS/. China’s supplies of goods to Russia have declined due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, First Deputy Head of Russia’s Federal Customs Service Ruslan Davydov told a press conference on Monday.

"There has been a certain decline (of imports) from China to Russia. However, that is probably due to the actions of the Chinese authorities and the actions of the Chinese businessmen in the first place. We currently evidence a certain decline in supplies of goods, particularly of fruits and vegetables, in the Far Eastern region. As we understand that is related to the coronavirus, though how the situation will unfold should be judged by China itself," he explained.

The government has decided to restrict substantially citizens, tourists from crossing the border in the border areas of the Far East, Davydov noted, adding that no restrictions were imposed on transportation of goods.